OCaml support for the Eclipse IDE

The eclipsefp project is developing a collection of plugins to provide support for functional programming languages in the Eclipse IDE. This page describes the subproject dedicated to the Objective Caml language. It owes a lot to the Haskell plugins.

Current version

The current version of the OCaml support is 0.1.0. Please note that this software is in an early development stage (alpha).

Download and installation is done via the built-in Update Manager in Eclipse. You can find installation instructions here.

SourceForge project

SourceForge.net Logo

This project is hosted by sourceforge.net. The project summary page can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/eclipsefp/.


There is some embrionary documentation here. The next releases will probably improve on that.


The software is licensed under the Common Public License (CPL) version 1.0.

You can find a copy of the CPL in the software or here. There is also a CPL FAQ.


The source code is available from CVS. The OCaml plugins depend on two common plugins of the eclipsefp project, they are available in the haskell release.


You can ask any questions about how to use the plugin etc. on the Help Forum at sourceforge.

There is also a mailing list (eclipsefp-develop) for free discussion of development, design and implementation issues. You can subscribe or unsubscribe the list on the list page at sourceforge. The list archive is here.