EclipseFP version 2

These pages are obsolete. Please go to for up-to-date information on EclipseFP

There are two versions of EclipseFP. Version 1 is fairly old and no longer actively developed. Version 2 is still under heavy development, but is the version recommended for end use.

Development of EclipseFP 2 had been picked up by Thomas ten Cate in the context of a Google Summer of Code project. See also his project blog.

The project is now actively maintained and developed by JP Moresmau. Version 1.108.0 is the first formal release of that code. Current version is 2.2.3.


Download and install the last official release

Source code

Complete instructions to download and build Eclipse FP2 from source (if you want to contribute to the EclipseFP code base) can be found here.