Cohatoe - Contributing Haskell to Eclipse

Cohatoe stands for 'Contributing Haskell to Eclipse'. It consists of a Haskell API and a set of Eclipse plugins that allow to contribute Haskell code (in the form of compiled object files that may contain modules or libraries) to Eclipse so that Eclipse plugins can access it. Haskell code may be contributed by any Eclipse plugin (the only requirement is that it depends on the Cohatoe plugins, which in turn only depend on org.eclipse.core.runtime), and the Haskell code that was contributed so can be used from any plugin that depends on it.

See for more information about Haskell, and for more information about Eclipse.

Contact and more info

Cohatoe is part of the activities of the EclipseFP project, and we are currently in the process of integrating it back into the main EclipseFP stream. (It has been in a sort of incubation phase.) With any questions or suggestions please contact the EclipseFP mailing list.

In addition, there is Leif Frenzel's Haskell and Eclipse Blog where articles are posted occasionally about the progress of Cohatoe and its technical backgrounds.

Built on Eclipse Technology Haskell code built using Cabal Haskell Program Coverage Parsec

Download and install

The current version is 0.12, and is considered a beta version. Please note that while the feature set is mostly complete, the software is still in development state and may have bugs or robustness issues.

Note: Cohatoe is broken under Windows in the current version. The Windows build is still version 0.8.